Vision & Mission


To create an educational institution which serves as a center of research and science development on hospital management in Indonesia based on Islamic values in 2020.


  1. To conduct education, research and science development on hospital management supported by expert and competent educational staff experienced in the field with completed modern facilities.
  2. To conduct hospital management education curriculum with dynamic materials to meet the need of hospital managers with global mindset.
  3. To serve the community by conducting managerial development activities for hospitals professionally.
  4. To produce graduates with noble characters who dedicate their knowledge for the benefits of the people.

Study Program Rationale:

The realization of competent alumni both in theories and technical in hospital sector that are nationally and internationally standardized, with moral integrity and social sensitiveness.

The realization of scientific works from the academicians in National and international publication that are contributory to the development of hospital science.

The realization of service models in hospital sector which provides solutions to national, people, and humanity problems.

The realization of alumni and academicians who think, act, and function based on Muhammadiyah views of life.

Milestone Prodi