Academic Rules

A. Academic Ethics

Each student must comply with all applicable regulations at the level of the Study Program and at the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta.
B. Assessment System

Evaluation of study result of MMR UMY student was conducted in every course and determined based on absolute assessment standard or PAP (Benchmark Reference Assessment). Absolute rating system is a system for assessing students' ability in absolute terms against a predefined benchmark, which is called the value of passing limit or minimum mastery level. The determination of the final grade of the course becomes the authority of the lecturer in charge of the course. The reference value of a course is manifested in letters A, B C, and E, each of which is defined by the following standards:

    A:> 75 is very good
    B: 65-74.9 good
    C: 55-64,9 less
    E: <55 failed or did not pass

Final value of the course is calculated based on the value of:

    Final exams
    Learning Process (Discussion, Presentation, Task (individual or group), Skill, etc.)

With the weight (percentage) each adjusted and informed to the student at the beginning of each lecture course students. As a basis: maximum final exam score: 50%, the rest is the value of liveliness and learning process

If for any reason a student's final grade can not be determined, it will be marked Inc (meaning: incomplete). This means that the student still has academic obligations in the course (eg, not collecting assignments or not fulfilling the assessment of the learning process).
C. Improved values ​​and repeats the course

Students have the opportunity to improve the final grade by applying for a letter of appeal for improvement (see appendix 4). Improvement of this value of the target is a student with a value of C


    The student submits a letter of application to the Head of MMR Study Program with a copy to the responsible subject for the improvement of the score
    Students get a chance to improve the value 2x, if the value can not be changed, then the mahsiswa is advised to repeat the course.

The form of improvement of value is adjusted by looking at the lack of value that is held by the responsible person of the course. For example: the value of the task, the value of one of the exam. To improve the value of the exam can only be done during the course exam schedule in the next generation (or means there is no special execution for this).

For students who declared failed or got an E score, must repeat the exam course.


    Students submit application letter to the Chairman of Management with copies to the responsible subject to repeat the exam course
    Students who repeat the course exam should follow at least 50% of the course activities in the course of the next course, and meet the duties of the existing duties, before taking retest.

While students who are not allowed to take the exam (sign X) because the presence of teaching and learning activities is very less, not allowed to take the final exam, and must repeat the entire process in the course of the next class.
D. Academic leave (temporary cessation of study)

    Permit for college leave can only be given to students who have passed the evaluation of 1 Semester and have paid the payment of SPP until termin 3
    The application for academic leave shall be submitted by the applicant no later than before the registration limit of the current Semester or 1 week before the start of the current Semester
    The leave application form can be seen in appendix 2
    The duration during the leave is not taken into account as the study period
    Students who are given leave permission should not perform all academic activities including thesis guidance during their college leave
    Lecture leave can be given at least 1 Semester and maximum 3 Semesters (consecutive) and maximum 6 semesters throughout the period of study
    Approval of academic leave is provided by the Program Manager with a copy to the University's Academic Bureau.
    Students who received leave approval are charged an administrative fee of the amount set for the relevant period.
E. Residency Implementation and Thesis Writing

Thesis writing is a mandatory requirement for Graduate Students of MMR UMY to graduate as Masters. Thesis is the result of management research in health service facilities. Although thesis feeding time is provided in 4th semester, but thesis disclosure can be done since semester 2 by following the procedure of preparing the thesis.

Stages of thesis writing are as follows:

    The student submits the research title to the Chairman of MMR Manager of UMY
    The manager and the team determine the thesis supervisor in accordance with the field to be studied.
    Research proposals that have been approved by the supervisor of the thesis are required in seminarkan (proposal seminar). Examiners at the proposal seminar consist of at least: 1 lecturer in accordance with the field to be studied, mentors proposal and students MMR. Students who will advance propoasal seminar must follow the proposal seminar of other MMR students at least 2 times.
    The thesis examination is attended by: thesis supervisor, 1 lecturer in the appropriate field, 1 person manager, and 1 field supervisor (cultivated, but not compulsory)